The GoPod™ is a new photographic device that has no rival. It can work in many different photography and video applications, so we set up a forum to show the world just how owners are making their jobs easier with their GoPods.

If you would like to add your story, email a photo of you with your GoPod™ in action along with a few sentences telling what it is about the GoPod™ that you like so much and we will add it to the list. Send your info to: cory@pixelagogo.com

Uwe Steinmueller
We don’t want to miss the GoPod for our bird and wildlife work. We consider the GoPod a major improvement for our work as handheld composition was never as good as with the GoPod and longer lenses.

Michelle Carpentier
Tripods and monopods were never “intuitive” enough, but with the GoPod™, I have an “extension” that feels like a part of me. It moves when I move yet keeps my camera ready and set for me to grab the shot.  Ease of use, stable shooting platform and light weight make the GoPod™ a part of my daily shooting gear.

Neil Seiffer
I found the GoPod to be extremely useful for attaching add-ons such as additional battery power for continuous shooting during events that last for as long as 4 hours and 400-500 shots.

The Natural Evolution of Photography

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