Q. What the heck is a GoPod™?
A. The GoPod™ was designed to be used when you need some sort of support device like a monopod, but also need the ability to move quickly and easily. I never have been a fan of monopods, so this was a natural result of needing something to take the weight of long lenses off my arms and give me the added stable shooting platform.

Q. Who should use one of these?
A. Anyone really. The group that I had in mind when I invented it were sport, journalistic and wedding photographers. But videographers will also find it useful. Sort of a poor mans steady cam if you will. The basic idea is that the GoPod™ holds your camera in the right position for you and allows you to shoot at slower shutter speeds yet still have a stable shooting platform.

Q. What cameras will it work with?
A. Any camera, be it digital or film, as well as just about any video camera. The GoPod™, when used with the optional GoGimble™, will allow you to use long telephoto lenses that have lens mounts on the lens themselves. This will allow you to have fluid panning action up and down, as well as side to side. If you don’t have a long lens attached, then you can use any type of head that you would use on a monopod, like the Manfrotto Monopod Tilt Top-Swivel Tilt Head-90° model
. This will also work with video cameras, camcorders and movie cameras. The only limitation is your imagination.

Q. What is the GoGimble™, and why would I need one of those?
A. The GoGimble was designed to be used with long lenses that have tripod mounts built in. It allows the photographer to have smooth up and down movements, as well as left to right. We decided to leave it “stock”, or without a quick release plate due to the fact that there are many different types of these plates out there, and most photographers will have a set up that they already use in their shooting, so this allows them to keep with what they have, and just buy another plate for the set they already have. If you are not using a quick release set up yet, check our Arca Swiss or the Bogen line, or one of the countless others.

Q. How heavy is the GoPod™?
A. We strived to keep the GoPod™ light enough to not be a burden to the user while maintaining the strength needed to support today’s expensive photographic equipment. We were able to keep the GoPod™ under our target of 5 pounds, and arrived at a weight of 3.6 lbs.

Q. Is the GoPod™ adjustable for all body types and sizes?
A. While a one size fits all approach would be great, the reality is that it just never fits everyone. We have developed the GoPod™ to accommodate male and female physiques from 5′ to 6’4″. The shoulder straps can be bent to fit the individual the the center column can be raised and lowered to fit the user.

The Natural Evolution of Photography

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