Cory Shubert – inventor/photographer

Cory Shubert has been a commercial photographer since the late 80’s. His work ranges from product to people, studio to location.

When he started shooting for the Minnesota Wild of the NHL in 2000, he found himself fighting with his use of the “monopod”.  While he had used monopods over his years of shooting, he never became comfortable with them, and many times would use nothing instead of having to deal with their clumsy yet often needed support. It was at this time that he started dreaming of a device would give him the same support as a monopod but would allow him to shoot in a comfortable and normal manor.

During the summer after the second season of the MN Wild, he started looking on the web to find just such a device.  After months of disappointment he decided to build his own. He assembled the parts and set out to fabricate his own wearable monopod and the first GoPod was born. He spent the third season with the MN Wild using his homemade GoPod at every home game, and found it to be just what he was looking for. He then decided to offer it to the rest of the photographic community, and the rest they say is history.

The Natural Evolution of Photography

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