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NEWS – 11/3/2012

The GoPod is now out of production and unavailable.  I am sorry that I was not able to find a new manufacturer to work with to keep offering the GoPod as well as improve it and update it.

This website will remain only for reference if someone is interested in the GoPod’s history.

It was a pleasure to offer this device to the photography community.  No regrets.


Created out of need (not greed), photographer Cory Shubert found that if the choice to use a monopod or none presented itself, he usually chose nothing. It quickly became apparent that holding a camera and a long lens was not the right choice, and he set out to find a better one.

Unable to locate a device to meet his needs, he decided to make one himself. The result was a device he called the GoPod. He put a prototype to the test during the 2002-2003 season of the Minnesota Wild hockey team and it performed exactly as he hoped it would.

After a year’s worth of shooting and modifications, the GoPod was given a complete redesign. After user feedback from a half dozen different beta testers from all over the country, the final GoPod was ready for its introduction to the photographic community.

GoPod details:

  • Built with lightweight, industrial grade black anodized aluminum
  • 1/2″ Poron foam padding to insure the ultimate in comfort and fit
  • Custom designed GoLock™ ball head that allows for free movement of camera column
  • Compact design breaks down for easy travel as well as set up.

The Natural Evolution of Photography

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